The thought of incorporating vegan products into ‘every day’ ranges can be a scary prospect for many.  In fact, it’s not as daunting as it may seem and it’s a mega trend that now’s become a factor in most everyday ranges.

The demand for vegan products is growing and growing and this is set to continue. In a recent survey[1] over a third of all current bakery buyers aged 18-44 said they were interested in buying a vegan sweet treat and 27.1%[2] of people said a product being vegan is relevant when choosing which ones to purchase.

Embracing the vegan trend and producing products is made easy with products such as Craigmillar’s Vegan Cake Mix which is completely vegan and contains no ingredients of animal origin.  The Mix comes in two delicious flavours; Plain and Chocolate. The versatile mix is suitable for all types of bakes so ranges can include whole cakes and loaf tins, to individual portions such as cupcakes and muffins and ensures that the products can be enjoyed by all age groups.  The light, airy texture means that consumers can indulge in a delicious, golden treat with absolutely no compromise on taste or texture. Rest assured they are easy to make up, simply add water, oil and glycerine.  Boasting an excellent crumb structure for a show stopping look that is great for adding fruit or chocolate, or extra flavouring for a unique taste, the two Vegan Cake Mixes are the perfect solution for plant-based offerings that are simple and easy to make up.

They are perfect for use across key seasons as well so Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas vegan ranges can be included to the product list. The cakes can be as simple or elaborate as desired and everyday essentials such as cream can still be included as using cream Craigmillar have also launched Craigmillar Lactofil Vegan which is a deliciously sweet and light product that is ideal for fillings and decorating a professionally piped look. The high whipped volume means it can whip up to three times its own size which gives the product extra value for money as a little goes a long way.


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