Kai-Alexander Heuberger

Chief Research & Innovation Officer

Kai-Alexander and his team are responsible for Research and Innovation, Compliance & Documentation and Regulatory Affairs at CSM Ingredients.

With over 22 years of experience at CSM Ingredients, Kai-Alexander has held several roles within R&D with increasing scope and responsibility.

He has acted in various positions in the company in both Bakery Ingredients and Bakery Products and leading the Global Innovation team.

Prior to his current position, Kai-Alexander was responsible for the Bakery Ingredients Research and Development Department in Europe including Compliance and Documentation.

Kai-Alexander is Leading the Research & Innovation department, Compliance & Documentation & Regulatory Affairs. His focus is on Research into future- & innovate into growing trends supported by a strong in- & external research network. His team is ensuring that the Product & Ingredient documentations are complying with the legal and CSM Ingredients standards.           

Kai-Alexander holds a degree in Food Technology from the University of Bremerhaven.