Sustainability Statement

At CSM Ingredients we are committed to being a responsible and sustainable company. 

We are acting responsible in our environment, our communities, our business and with our customers.

As such we are integrating sustainable business practices into our organization based on our five pillars of sustainability which are Environment, People, Product, Communities and Governance.

We are working towards reducing the carbon emissions we produce, increasing the amounts of renewable energy we use and reduce water consumption.

We provide safe working environments, competitive compensation and health and well-being benefits as well as training and education and opportunities for development for our employees. We ensure that working conditions also in the CSM Ingredients supply chain (via our code of conduct) are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity. 

We work with 3rd party organizations like RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) and UTZ/RA (Rainforest Alliance) to source sustainable palm oil and cocoa. In terms of packaging, CSM Ingredients has long been committed to reduce plastic packaging and using recyclable materials. 

We encourage our multiple sites to support local charities like the Bremer Engel in Germany or  National Donuhnut Week in the UK.

We drive sustainability from within our company. A cross functional team is responsible for setting goals, tracking them and working on improvements.